Workshop on learning spectrum

It's true that learning environment has a profound impact on student learning.When discussion on learning environment initiated,the first thought that struck me was that of a bright classroom with a colourful and attractive bulletin board.

But honestly speaking,for me the mere mention of bulletin board gives me goosebumps!!From searching a suitable theme to creative development of that theme so that it turns out to be beautiful as well as informative for students is really a tedious task. But after attending the workshop on learning spectrum, I learnt that bulletin boards should be used to display student's ideas and creativity and not that of the teacher. Besides that they should be interactive and dynamic as well.

I strongly agree to the fact that combined and effective use of black board and bulletin board can make a subject really interesting and easy for both teacher and learner.In fact,we all were delighted to see how a topic like 'Climate change' could be taught in so many different ways using these two tools...

Fatima,through this workshop also introduced us to the wonderments of the 'NEWSPAPER' as to how this cost effective and basic medium can be useful in teaching a wide range of subjects pertaining to different age groups. It was amazing!!

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Sojo Varughese said...

I think I am slowly coping with CIDTT. The concept of teaching without scaring the children is a beautiful idea. The methodologies to enforce this idea is also wonderful. Ms Fathima's class has told, that learning can happen anywhere and with anything, provided the teacher uses the medium and material effectively.

It is the responsibility of the teacher to create good learning environment with the given or available materials. You can totally take your class to the next level of thinking. If I would able to do this to my ward I think , I assisted him/her
to know something

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