Saturday Afternoons......are Fun!!

On a Saturday afternoon post lunch what would be expected of teachers who had given up a holiday after a hectic work week??

Well... watch the videos to get a glimpse of the magic of working collaboratively to create amazing presentations. The passion, dedication and enthusiasm of the "inspired" who hope to recreate todays experience with their learner groups.

Jisaw - the Big Picture

Colour Coded Groups working on Jigsaw puzzles.....can Professional development be enjoyable?
A glimpse into the session on Brain Based drive home the fact that 'the brain processes parts and the whole' it also 'searches for meaning' and 'meaning is made through patterning'

Day One with the New Batch

Our topic for the day was Learners and Learning....

We explored a whole range of principles that go into designing a learning program - the focus being on "How learning actually happens"

The workshop was fun..... by the end of it we realized that we 'retain' more when the 'joy' of learning in built into the design...

The points made were very hands on for example the glove activity....see the pictures to get a 'feel' (pun intended) of the experience we had while we discovered so many profound details about design...awesome!!