My process of learning innovative futuristic ideas to teach the young dynamic minds

My passion to teach others started when my father bought me a black board.Then it continued in my high school and college in helping my fellow classmates in a few lessons.Then later I joined a futuristic company called Tutorvista which catered to the needs of students online all over the world.

This was a great opportunity for a homemaker like me. A few years from then I have decided to take it a step ahead from virtual to dynamic live classroom.This dream was further nurtured when I joined the teacher's training course.

In my first session ,I was a little apprehensive since it was a introduction.I thought I will be wasting half a day.But the explanations and examples of the modules ahead challenged my previous ideas of a classroom.
I have learnt from today's session that the students always benefit when teachers try out something new,then later analyze the pros and cons of the learning technique they adopted.

And now I was looking forward to my next session,which was really amazing .I learnt a lot about myself.It helped me realize what kind of learner I'am and also what stimulated my brain and interest.And I also found out that it was different for my other classmates.So the purpose of the day to teach us brain based learning,multiple intelligence was delivered effortlessly by Ratan.

I liked the way our session started off today with the story of the ant and the grasshopper.Which summarized the ABC..!! we were going to learn.I did not know that such detailing went into a single session and also that it is really important to assess your students immediately.

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