EVALUATION-Technique for self improvisation

I always thought that 'Evaluation' was for the learners , in fact couldn't differentiate between the terms evaluation and assessment but Sudarshana through our last session helped us in understanding the true meaning of the term. Evaluation is actually assessing ownself as to how I'm teaching and whether I am able to successfully convey knowledge to my learners to my heart's content!

I realised the need for feedback by my learners because they are the best judge of my teaching methodologies I also felt that self evaluation is essential to realise my shortcomings and work out on methods to improvise myself.

CIDTT is actually helping us become better individuals (besides being better teachers)through these reflection,evaluation techniques.Realising our own shortcomings and mistakes and trying to rectify them is the most difficult task because once we grow up as adults,we assume ourselves to be perfect and this myth about ourselves hinders our growth further professionally and personally.Thanks to CIDTT for breaking this MYTH....

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