To be or not to be .... a teacher!

As my misconception of a teacher's job “being easy” fades away with every session that I attend at TTF, I would like to mention what my compardrae said in the last class... that every successful fun session/workshop that a learner experiences, involves a whole lot of “behind the scene” planning and implementing for the teacher. It brings to the fore the importance of making a good Lesson plan before every class. Case in point...while the last class on “Concept mapping” went off “Like a breeze”, we (participants) did not even pause to think how this happened.

At this point, I would like to commend our facilitator Fathima, who being articulate and precise in her speech, made it a fun class and brought out the best in us. The creative and colourful concept mapping charts that we made was proof of how well the session went.

Concept mapping, a simple and effective tool used to teach practically anything under the sun. A useful tool to explain complicated theories and fairy tales as well.

Now that I have another trick under my sleeve, my confidence about getting into this profession builds and I'm looking forward to learning more innovative methods of teaching in the days to come.

Definitely the answer is “To be!”

It only seems apt to pen off with a lil' song from Winnie the Pooh...

Try a lil something new

Try a lil something different

Try a lil something no one else has done.

Take a lil different view.

Try a lil something new.

Thats a lil simple trick to

having fun fun fun,

Thats a simple trick to having Fun!

& as tigger says “ Tata for now!”

PS: watch video.

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It was good to read :)

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