Geared up with learning tools.

After attending the session on learning tools, I as a teacher, am spending more time on planning. I understood that my basic job is only to guide the flow so that the day's
objectives are achieved. My lesson are "well pre-planned" by my school and according to that I had to cover my topic through a ppt presentation (18 slides). I decided to
implement chunk and chew method after 5th,9th, 14th and 20th slides by spearing 3 minutes for each.
After the 5th and 9th chunk and chew, I ended up doing the explanation of the topics (again). I made mental calculation and realized that I was running out of time hence
took a decision on not doing the 14th chunk and chew.
After the 20th slide when I did chunk and chew, the results were amazing. The children were able to answer better, which showed that the understanding level has gone up and this was because the views were shared, points were repeated and participation was to the maximum level. I also realized that recap was done during this process.
Hence, for me, chunk and chew is one of the best recap tool.

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