We find lot of people with different level of intelligence/ we can say differently enabled thinking people around us. When it comes to teaching, teacher is always considered as parent after the real parent, so she has to do justice to all the wards of his/her class. How is it possible? How do we do this? and bring justice to the students who is expecting a good mentor in you.

This situation is very critical and sensitive to both student and teacher also.
Teacher want teach all the kids in the best way possible.

There comes differentiation!
*Concept based learning for different level with respect( actually the 'respect' word puzzled me and Nina same time Nina voiced it, Ms Fathima came up with a beautiful explanation, which I felt very appropriate for the group).
*Tiering-for different level of understanding
*Tic-Tac-Toe- for multiple intelligence
*Impacting- this was really wonderful for above average children( i found it little tricky, because the guideline is not move form the concept, being the in the same concept how you can cater the higher order thinking of the child, that was really, I think I should put in more effort to do this)
*Gardner and Bloom grid - really helps to plan your lessons to greater extent, I think you can cover maximum varieties of students of the class.

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Sojo Varughese said...

Parimala the respect part of it refers to meaningful tasks/ respectful work. If you read Sonali's reflection on her teaching session you will see that learners sometimes feel you are treating them differently. When we diffrentiate the intent is not to make the learner feel inadequate in any way. We hope to bring the whole group to the required level of learning through initial tasks that suit the learners readiness level.
This is one end of the spectrum on the other hand you might be faced with a learner who has mastered the content you are setting out to teach he/she would need a different form of diffrentiation - compacting.

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