I am a new comer and I am very excited I can share my views with like minds.

After attending my first session, I was little apprehensive about sharing my views but after a little push from CIDTT team Bangalore, Ms Asha I thought I should post my realizations.

While doing the topic multiple intelligences, I realized that I have intrapersonal intelligence, whereas I was with the impression that my logical intelligence will be at its peak. My second realization was my musical intelligence to which I never gave a thought.

Hence, reflecting back, I think just how I was not aware of my intelligence, the children may not know about their strongest point of intelligence. Hence I should design my classes keeping in mind all these intelligence because you never know what may click with the child’s brain.

And by using these intelligences, I may help a child to identify with the topic.

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Sojo Varughese said...

wow that is a good learning usha, we can also keep in mind the activities that would interest our learners to learn specific topics

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