Why I joined CIDTT ?

I have worked as an Image Consultant and have trained people on a one on one consultancy basis. I find etiquette and soft skills a sensitive topic hence I design exclusive individual need based schedules. Lately I have been encouraged by clients to train them in groups . Common , non-sensitive personality based topics like social etiquette , international dining skills , verbal and non-verbal communication etc can be taught in groups , in a classroom . It is at this junction that I wanted to learn the characteristics of successful and unsuccessful learning and also be able to learn various teaching methods on how to train adults . I was also aware that a classroom of adults meant that I would have to assess and evaluate the entire practice and provide differentiation in the classroom . When I read the CIDTT program I was thrilled to know that I would be one of those lucky ones who will be able to find the answers to their questions and who will be able to grow as a teacher and stay empowered .

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