What am I learning ?

Every workshop affects me . I find that I am rethinking and redefining what a true teacher is ? I am thinking about what I want to continue teaching ? What do I expect my clients / students to learn ? What are my strong foundations and beliefs ? I can clearly understand that teaching demands professionalism and cannot be taken lightly . I have been surrounded by traditional , text – book , ranks , marks , competitive ways that are used in most schools . The CIDTT program is opening my eyes to new methods , encouraging us to develop the feeling of empathy and empower students through so many learning styles . The principles of learning are going to help in making my classroom instruction multi – dimensional . I absorbed that teaching is about constructing new knowledge on prior knowledge - about setting new standards . Teaching is about helping learners to think about what they have learnt and also how they plan to apply it to real life and also how to connect the past with the present . A facilitator ought to be inspiring , creative and enthusiastic .

A teacher’s role

1. To be a facilitator who empowers others
2. Designs a creative curriculum and plans activities that give students relevance of the content.
3. Encourages students / clients to develop ideas on their own
4. someone who connects with the audience
5. Someone who delivers high expectations
6. Clear about instructional goals
7. knowledgeable about content and strategies and spend time fine tuning it
8. Accepts responsibility for outcomes
9. Addresses higher as well as lower cognitive objectives
10. integrates their instruction with that of other subjects / situations
11. Assesses and evaluates.
12. Offers appropriate feedback.

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Maya Menon said...

I really enjoy your reflections Sonali ! Think about how these reflections are stretching your capacity to question, to create, to plan for your learning sessions:-))!

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