Raring to go!

We don't need no education

We don't need no thought control

Hey, teacher leave the kids alone!... a song by the group Pink Floyd portrays a stern ruthless teacher holding a cane in front of the class in the video. During the 80s, this song was popular world wide among the students and it was obvious that they didn't appreciate teachers. Way back then, this unfortunate teacher had not attended the CIDTT program and mastered the art of “Interactive teaching”.

Humour aside, the only memory of my schooling was of the history teacher who was blind and yet used Interactive teaching methods ...quiz, plays etc. Needless to say the other teachers didn't leave a dent in my memory.

Having said that, the education system has now changed so radically that students enjoy learning and look forward to meeting the teacher again.

Joining the CIDTT program has been an “eye opener” for me. All the sessions that I attended emphasized that “Interactive teaching”and “Active Learning” were the essence of being a good teacher.

Personally the 2 workshops in the CIDTT program, that stood out for me were... Learning through Group Activities... making a travel brochure about The Indus Valley Civilisation and composing a Jingle in my opinion is the ultimate way of learning a boring subject like history.

The other favourite session for me was “Tools for Teaching” especially learning math, science and history by playing Jeopardy. How I wish I could be a student again. Well, the least I can do now is to teach using these innovative methods and believe me...

I'm raring to go!

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Hi Asha,

it's great to read your blog post ! Thanks for sharing :-) Maya

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